What We Do


We Do

Strategic Planning

We develop tailored strategies, including corporate, operational, communications, and community comprehensive plans, incorporating goal setting, measures of success, and performance indicators – identifying resources and supporting the successful execution to achieve results.

Indigenous Inclusion

We work together with Indigenous communities and organizations to build respectful, trust-based relationships and partnerships that recognize constitutional and Treaty Rights, culture, and traditional knowledge and practices, fostering meaningful engagement within the community, and supporting growth and resilience.

Stakeholder Engagement

We work with our clients to identify and understand stakeholders and design proactive engagement plans and implementation tactics to mitigate risk, strengthen relationships, promote participation and collaboration, manage issues, and measure impacts, including leading regulatory consultation – creating opportunities to move forward together.


We design customized communications strategies and create multi-channel tools and resources – using innovative graphic design, digital media, photography, video, and storytelling in alignment with your brand – to meaningfully engage, inform, and connect with audiences.

Sustainability & ESG

We apply leading standards and best practices to ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) and Sustainability research, application, and reporting to demonstrate commitments, build trust, and enhance the reputation of our clients.

Indigenous ESG (IESG)

Why defining what Sustainability means for YOUR community matters.