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CMR Consulting Inc. was founded in 2006 and has established itself by working closely with clients to understand their unique business needs and to deliver fit for purpose and customized innovative approaches to achieve defined outcomes that enrich and empower leadership. We are a full service boutique, committed to working collaboratively to enhance reputation and give our clients a competitive advantage.

We have a core team that delivers a high standard of expertise and professional quality. We love what we do and we have fun with our clients, meeting and often exceeding their expectations. As a firm, our associate team has been handpicked and has grown over the years to incorporate dedicated top experts and specialists that provide services in areas that complement our overall offerings.  In some cases, our experts extend beyond the reach of our primary service offerings. The business structure has been purposefully designed to ensure that our clients get the best people working on the right job, allowing CMR to maintain its high standards, at fair pricing and deliver results that our clients have come to value in us.

CMR's collective broad experience reaches throughout North America and into Africa, Russia, Australia, the Caribbean and Papua New Guinea, where we provide support to various projects and in several disciplines.

Triple Bottom Line

CMR considers social, economic and environmental factors when creating sustainable models and performance measurements and believes that managing triple bottom line performance should not only be viewed as risk avoidance and compliance, but also an opportunity for innovation and competitive advantage.

Improving financial performance through strategic planning, leveraging opportunities and mitigating risk results in cost saving.

Considering the social variables that affect the people who work for you and with you, as well as those who live in the surrounding communities is essential to success.

People are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability and the impacts that organizations have on the environment. Identifying the environmental issues that are important to key stakeholders will improve relationships, fosters loyalty and trust.

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