At CMR Consulting, we believe in more than just providing solutions – we're dedicated to empowering Indigenous communities on their journey towards prosperity and sustainability. We collaborate with you to grow and strengthen capacity for self-determination. Our strategies and initiatives deeply embed culture, tradition, Indigenous rights, and the voices of your community. Like the wolf leading its pack with strength and wisdom, we guide our clients with the same expertise and dedication. Our firm embodies the wolf's qualities, ensuring our clients achieve success through loyalty, intelligence, and resilience.

Governance, Policy, Negotiations

  • Community Comprehensive Planning
  • Land Claims Negotiations
  • Self-government Strategy and Capacity Assessments
  • Governance Policies and Processes

Child and Family Services - Bill C92

  • Research – Opportunities and Impacts
  • Engagement - Leadership, Elders, Members, and Youth
  • Model Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Support Law and Policy Creation

Sustainability and ESG

  • Sustainability Pathway – Community, Industry and Partners
  • Dening Metrics - aligned with Culture, Values and Priorities
  • Research and Reporting
  • Initiatives for Economic Partnerships and Investments


  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Community Engagement/Consultation – On/Off Reserve
  • Government Relations – Federal, Provincial, Municipal
  • Marketing and Websites
  • Media and Social Media

Economic Development

  • Business and Procurement Strategies
  • Partnership Development and Optimization
  • Identify Sustainable Projects
  • Policies, Tools, Processes
  • Capacity Building
  • Contract Negotiations
  • CEO Coaching

Indigenous ESG (IESG)

Why defining what Sustainability means for YOUR community matters.