Better Together

CMR has joined in partnership with GLJ to strengthen our service offering in  ESG and Sustainability Reporting.

We recognize that for most organizations ESG reporting is voluntary, but we know that there is increasing pressure from peers to level-up, and recognize that 97 stock exchanges have signed up to the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative ( and currently 24 stock exchanges already have mandatory ESG reporting. In addition, investors and lenders are taking a closer look at ESG performance in the valuation of companies.

Regardless if it is a mandated requirement or voluntary, there are over 1000 requirements for reporting sustainability information and at least 182 different voluntary reporting frameworks, making this overwhelming to navigate, let alone know where to begin. (source:

Given this complexity, together we can help you understand these frameworks, define your materiality, and not only help you prepare your Sustainability Report, but more importantly, help to ensure you have systems and processing in place to monitor, measure, and track your performance to demonstrate your credibility and transparency.